Weekend Classes

Click Away is a hands on photography course by Saurabh Rungta. Whether you are an amateur photographer or a serious hobbyist, or someone who’s just got a camera and wants to exploit its creative possibilities. Or maybe you have been taking photographs but never been completely satisfied with the results. Through this basic course, covered in 8 sessions, you get a chance to leave behind the ‘auto mode’ and unleash the imagination in you. In each indoor/outdoor shoot session you are introduced to a new concept and genre of photography followed by critique sessions by your expert mentor.

Classes are conducted through 8 sessions on only weekends.

To know more about the Click Away course click here or call +91 9830379166.

Photography Tours

If you want to be a part of a Photography Tour to the most beautiful and breathtaking destination in India, join us on our journey to Jodhpur. Check tour details and itinerary here.