The Saurabh Rungta Photography Workshop is limited to an intimate class of passionate individuals who want to polish their skills and break outside of their comfort zones. This workshop is designed to help you improve your photography, enhance your style and finding your vision by providing expert advice and knowledge.

During the 8 session workshop, we will focus on the following topics:

-Photography, an introduction.
-How to overcome the fear of shooting candid photographs
-How to Develop your style in photography.
-Understanding Light and how to deal with different lighting situations.
-Help you understand composition and layers in photography.
-How to work towards a theme and focus on projects.
-How to edit your images to enhance the final results.
-Photography assignment to put theories to work.
-Telling a Story with your photographs

What makes us different ?

Well for starters, this is a hands on photography course in the sense that these are not dry theory sessions which go on and on about terminologies, rules of composition and technical jargons.


Each class introduces a new concept and a new genre of photography which is taught by having outdoor/ indoor shooting sessions. This way, you never really lose interest and your imagination would be challenged and stimulated at every stage. Projects on motion, still life, flora and fauna, street, monument, landscape form part of our beginners course.


Each shoot is followed by a critique session where the participants discuss and get their images critiqued by the expert mentor at the state of the art KRIYA STUDIO on LED Mac Displays, HDMI Projections, 3D Displays and the like.
Participants are also given mini projects to complete during the week. This are fun and yet abstract projects where the idea is to look at the world from a different point of view and showcase your interpretation of it, albeit through a mobile phone camera.


The biggest advantage of this workshop is that participants are not compulsorily required to have DSLRs only. A Point and Shoot Camera does the job just as well till the participant himself/ herself feels the need for more options in their image creation whereby the expert mentor can guide them to which camera would suit them taking into account their budget constraints and creative requirement.


The KRIYA Studio is replete with high end lighting equipment for shoots and has dynamice and psychedelic light and sound options for creating high ISO/ slow exposure situations too. Participants also get access to a wide variety of lenses and accessories which makes their photographic experience more complete.



Finally the best part. Each season, the best works of the participants are selected for a Photography Exhibition at the KRIYA STUDIO where in for an entire week, the pristine white walls of the Studio are adorned with the works of young budding photographers for the world to view and admire. These act as excellent stepping stones for students opting for photography as a serious career option and even for serious amateurs.

Well there’s only that mush to ‘teach’ in photography ! After the initial number crunching game of ISOs, Apertures and Shutter speeds, this photography Classes eventually become organic creative sessions where each participant brings in something ‘new’ to the class. The critique sessions only get more heated and absorbing and the greatest joy to be had for a participant is when the mentor exclaims “ I wish I had created this image !! “


Simple post processing techniques whereby minimal retouching would enhance your work are part and parcel of the sessions. Photoshop, Picassa, Lightroom and other smart plug ins are some of the basic components of these sessions.
Ultimately, the varied hues and colors of our city provide a multitude of images which if observed through a creative eye, can lead to a path breaking set if imagery and photo essays.


At the KRIYA STUDIO, permanent relationships are forged via photography since the participants have the option of opting for Advanced Photography Courses on completion of their Basic Course. Also as a KRIYA Photography Club member, you are entitled to attend weekend sessions, if not to learn, but to enjoy and remain in touch with the art, along with like minded people, for a very nominal fee.


Besides this, the KRIYA STUDIO consistently forges collaborations with guest mentors who help the participants hone a specific skill set. In the past, photographers like Sujoy Das ( Photo Essays ), Yash Sandhu ( Strobe Light ), Rashi Kankaria ( Portraits ) and Kaustav Saikia ( Fashion ) have graced the Studio with their workshops and enlightening sessions.

About the Expert Mentor:

Saurabh Rungta has been pursuing photography actively for the last 7 years. He has conducted workshops in schools such as La Martiniere for Girls, Mahadevi Birla Girls, Birla High School and colleges such as St. Xaviers and IIMC. Under the Click Away banner, he has taught over 1500 participants across various clubs in Kolkata such as Saturday Club, RCGC, Bengal Rowing Club, Calcutta Swimming Club etc. He has initiated various projects such as Kolkata Unplugged – a 1 whole day long heritage photo walk of Kolkata.