” Yun to kehte hain
ki hote hain din mein pehar aaath
par mere liye din ka ho ek hi wo pehar
jab hoon tujhse roo-ba-ru ”
— Saurabh

So I have always maintained as a filmmaker that the most special weddings to film, for me, are those where both the couple as well their families are genuinely warm, emotionally invested with the celebrations and don’t think twice before letting their guard down.

Neha and Sharan’s wedding is what wedding goals are to me – intimate, personal and so so beautiful !

So the bride Neha booked me for her special days a year in prior and over the next few months we had lengthy chats discussing the look and feel of the celebrations . Kudos to you Neha for planning and executing everything you wanted.

From pristine pastels to sublime beiges, from pleasant Mumbai sunsets to surreal cafes in the middle of nowhere, making this film has been a journey for me- both inward and external.

Honestly I can make 5 films out of this wedding – it’s that special to me – the angle of the friends and siblings, the angle of the man in love with his woman, the angle of the parents seeing their babies married off …they all will be equally beautiful films !

So Neha and Sharan this is it – your wedding film – my labour of love – Sharan Ne Ha Kaha

Call me old fashioned if you may , but while growing up and attending family weddings, the “Mehendi” event, as I knew it, was always supposed to be about this intimate group of women sharing laughter , banter and anecdotes together. Their laughter would ring louder and more musical than any song in the background . The bride was the focal point of attention in the proceedings and friends and cousins would tease her and share great bonhomie.

Then came large sets, loud music, designer clothes and mehendi events became larger and more magnificent, at the same time, losing a tad bit of intimacy. You couldn’t hear anyone speak, there would be no stories to regale yourself with .
How I wish for the earlier days back !

Oh wait – Neha’s Mehendi event was exactly that – good old fashioned style. It was refreshing for the ears to hear chatter and greetings, appreciation for the artwork on the bride’s hands and legs and everyone having an organic, non orchestrated good time. Sharan and his family mingling and blending in seamlessly with the event and everyone – just the right concoction for an intimate sunset event.

We at Saurabh Rungta Photography can’t get enough of #SharanNeHaKaha and have a feeling that a lot of you can’t either . Neha – this one is for you !


A film a day keeps the blues away ! Or so it would hold true for #SharanNeHaKaha

Boys and girls , time to let your hair down and join the party in the house as Sharan, Neha and co. move and groove to the beats on their Sangeet !

” Kabhi kabhi kagazi ishq
kabhi kuch naya uns
kabhi maqbare ki shakl mein
To kabhi meelon door se bhi zaahir
Par inhe dekh yeh kehna munasib hoga
Ki ishq
Wahi hai
Jo Waqt ke saath
Kisi bheeni khushboo ki tarah
Zahn mein, rooh mein basta chala jaaye “

– Saurabh

There’s something so serene and understated about a Gurudwara wedding, I feel, that it just sort of centres all the energy of everyone involved in the wedding celebrations !

Sharan, although an introvert, evidently dotes on Neha and every once in a while, in an age of instant fixes and mixes, it is refreshing to see a long standing and long distance romance culiminate into a beautiful union. God bless you Neha and Sharan as you embark on this wonderful journey together !

Love always

The Neha-Sharan Love Story deserves to be told for its intrinsic simplicity and how it inspires one and all around them ! So here’s a sneak peak into their love story  #SharanNeHaKaha

Dear Sharan and Neha,

It has been my absolute privilege and joy to make memories of your most special days of your life ! This film is the culmination of the most beautiful evening of your lives yet. Hope it rekindles all that you stand for together, for all the years to come !


Just when you thought we were done with #SharanNeHaKaha, comes our final film of the series ! Its been a crazy week at our Studio putting together a different film of the same wedding every day !

This wasn’t asked of us ; infact it’s never ever been done before either ! But then Sharan and Neha’s wedding had so much going for it that one film or for that matter even these 7 films aren’t enough to encapsulate all the love, the shared laughter, the crazy parties, the serene events that transpired during the course of those 3 days.

The final film of the instalment is going to leave you with a smile on the face, long after its over ! Presenting the Blooper Film of Sharan-Neha Wedding !