Nidhi Arora Gujral
Nidhi Arora Gujral says
Amazing photography! Each picture is so lifelike... It's a treat to watch... These memories are always special and with photographs like these... The aura never fades away!
Esha Kak
Esha Kak says
Loved each and every picture... I have seen all of them thrice already 🙂 I love the colors, the beautiful happy faces..and more than anything else, love the emotions pouring out of each picture. You're a magician 🙂
Sukriti & Varun
Sukriti & Varun say
The passion that you have for your craft shines through in your dedication to create a memorable experience through all your interactions with us. Be it photography in Kriya, your commitment is an inspiration. Varun and I strive to be as passionate about our chosen fields as well.

From experiences at our own wedding we know that your pictures speak for themselves. But what really sets you apart is the experience you created for us behind the scenes. We do not exaggerate when we say that you greatly amplified the fun that we had and memories that we made at our wedding while being a consummate professional throughout. We hope that this book gives wings to another passion of yours.

Love Sukriti & Varun
Mohit Daulatramani
Mohit Daulatramani Says
I can never thank you enough for this, Saurabh! First the brunch, now this!!! I came to you to shoot our pre-wedding film and brunch party and then there was no going back after that.
I'm more than happy that I didn't contemplate before coming up to you do the wedding shoot. I can, without an iota of doubt, state that nobody could have done this better than you! The way you've captured everyone's emotions, brought out the crazy in people, and maintained so much elegance is truly commendable! Thank you so much buddy!
Sneha Kandoi Jhunjhunwala
Sneha Kandoi Jhunjhunwala Says
I've had the opportunity to be shot by Saurabh many a times in his classes but I've always loved his wedding shoots and wanted to be a part of them... So there he was shooting my sisters wedding... Throughout the wedding he was so clam and composed and knew exactly what he wanted out of a picture... From lighting to background to the perfect moment... He has captured everything so beautifully... After reading the blog and also seeing our pictures I can proudly say I made the right choice.... He goes out of the way to help with everything and makes sure that the client is on cloud nine!!! His passion for photography be it candid or posed clearly shows in his pictures... I don't think any of us need to say anything... Saurabh Rungta 's photographs speak for themselves!!
Mohit & Pragati
Mohit & Pragati say
Hey Saurabh! Can't thank you enough for not only the pictures, but also the memories you've helped create. I doubt anyone else could have captured these moments so perfectly and made us look so good! I love your "matte vintage washed out" effect. It makes everything look so much more ethereal!

- Mohit

Thank you Saurabh for helping us create such wonderful memories and capturing them so well. Couldn't have asked for more. You're amazing.
Most importantly I like how you make some cheesy moments look so Wow!

- Pragati
Vidhi Kandoi
Vidhi Kandoi says
You have captured every moment of my special week in such a mesmerising manner that thanking you or telling u that the pics are awesome will be a small thing..had always heard that Saurabh’s pictures are superb.. But now I know that what I had heard was not wrong! You’re indeed an incredible photographer who makes his clients life picture perfect! You keep giving me gifts and surprise me and you did it yet again and I couldn’t have got something better on completing one month with Ayush! I’m glad that over time you have become a good friend and being shot by a friend eases things around.. And you did the perfect job for me! Seeing you around with ur camera would automatically bring a smile on everyone’s faces.. Can never ever thank you enough for capturing all those moments for me which will always make me smile and remind me of the super awesome wedding I had.. Thanks a ton Saurabh Rungta for everything you did!!
Arundhuti Rama
Arundhuti Rama says
This being her third shoot, I had a couple of friends and relatives asking me my reason for getting her shot again in a span of 5 months. Well, all I had to tell them was to go see the amazing pictures clicked by you. After all, she is my only child and which mother wouldn't want to get every special moment of her child's captured so beautifully. These pictures have touched my heart. I have no clue how I can thank you for the immense patience you have shown throughout the day to catch that perfect expression. How I can ever thank you for understanding her moods so perfectly. How I can thank you for taking out so much time to style her, select her clothes and make her look her best. I know the amount of thought and planning that you put in for your shoots. To capture a great photo of a child who is wiggly as a puppy takes a lot of skill. And you do it so effortlessly. You acted silly to make her laugh, you played with her to make her laugh, you did all that it took to get just one naturally beautiful expression from her. I saw you getting tired, yet you wouldn't give up, even when I was telling you to. I can never explain to you how much all this means to me Saurabh.
Y K Arya
Y K Arya says
Dear Saurabh, I am extremely delighted and deeply impressed with your excellent skill. I have seen some photographs which have touched my heart which is possible only by true dedication of yours. May God bless you and all the best in life.
Sriya Khandelwal Manihar
Sriya Khandelwal Manihar says
Saurabh Rungta , Ritesh and I are extremely pleased with our photos. The pictures are so much more than we could have envisioned. Thanks a tonne for helping us create such wonderful memories!
Nitish & Shivani
Nitish & Shivani say
Bhaiya what you have captured through your lens is the chemistry and camaraderie between me and Shivani ! It's truly beautiful in every sense ! The pictures are mesmerizing and I was awestruck at some of them !
If the start is so cool ; I am sure a blockbuster is in store for Us !

- Nitish

Thank you sooo much bhaiya . You have captured some beautiful moments which we will cherish all our lives. Beautiful beginning of our Journey through your lenses. Saurabh Rungta

- Shivani
Pragati Agarwal
Pragati Agarwal says
Love love love! Falling short of words to say how much I love this and your work smile emoticon have seen it zillion times already. Thank you Saurabh Rungta for capturing these beautiful memories which will stay with us for a lifetime smile emoticon indeed the best photographer in town.
Rishav Kanoi
Rishav Kanoi Says
Saurabh Rungta: well these pics simply define how good u can make us look with your excellent photography.. Love the pics.. Thank u 4 making us so comfortable during the shoot.. Fantabulous pics.. ❤️ #DreamyPics #LoveIt
Saurabh Rungta Photography: U simply rock
Radhika Joshi
Radhika Joshi Says
Saurabh Rungta Photography - amazing clicks for our special moments as we all know but the timing are so proper which makes each and every picture an art piece. Well done Saurabh Rungta and team. Long way to go
Radhika Sultania
Radhika Sultania Says
Saurabh Rungta s beautiful photography captured our family in moments of tenderness , warmth and joy. We had a wonderful experience on our photo shoot with Saurabh , u ve stood up to our expectations. We will always cherish the memories of this special time in our life
Neha Sarda
Neha Sarda Says
I am one among the happy fortunate bunch who has been clicked by Saurabh Rungta and love his way of shoot! He is the coolest person and so jolly ! His passion is thrown in his work! And his photos are one return gift after every occasion and holds a sense of eagerness and excitement to see it! He is best in and out!
Shashank Poddar
Shashank Poddar says
Saurabh Rungta Hats Off ''GURUJI'' for the amazing set of pictures, every snap here has a story to tell and bunch loads of memories which will definitely make us nostalgic. The level of efforts you have taken to make the frames ''Picture Perfect" is very evident inspite of the level of difficulties you had to face. Quiet Impatient now for rest of the pictures! wishing to see them soon 😀
Ayush Changoiwalla
Ayush Changoiwalla Says
Having had the opportunity to see Saurabh Rungta at work and getting clicked by him only a month ago I can vouch about his working style. He gels into the crowd and finds his way around hoards of people with a warm smile on his face.. Keeping the madness found in a wedding house in general, this is possible only if someone loves what he's doing.. Reading this blog helps get an insight into saurabhs head but there's so much more to him which one gets to know when you meet him in person..
Wish you all the best for the future.. Am sure great things lie ahead and look forward to you accomplishing your dreams
Bansi Mehta
Bansi Mehta says
Saurabh Rungta...This film is like experiencing a love story...there is chemistry, the perfect song, the prettiness of the unending sea, the yatch, and not to forget a toast to the ever so happy new beginnings...the proposal !! It's beautiful and romantic 🙂
Vishal Sonthalia
Vishal Sonthalia says
Just got back from our honeymoon Saurabh and can't stop marvelling at your work. Going through the pictures is like reliving the entire wedding! Thank you for not just capturing these moments but also helping us create them with all your comments, inputs and camaraderie over the entire shoot. Can't wait for the complete album and the wedding film! Will definitely reach out to you for other events in the family !
Vivek Kumar Mathur
Vivek Kumar Mathur says
Dear Saurabh, ur beautiful classic pics of our family mega function has refreshed our sweet memories of Kolkata visit. Really hat's off to ur talent...... Stay blessed !!!
Anisha Motwani
Anisha Motwani says
When i became a mother i was told that the greatest moments of my life henceforth would be to watch a 'lil part of me' trotting around.....what i WASN'T told was that i could capture her precious lil moments sooooo beautifully and candidly for me to hold , look at again and again and treasure forever....... Saurabh Rungta you have captured Myra so exquisitely that even I look at these pics dumbfounded and speechless and need to convince myself that this indeed is Myra.You seem to have given 'my very own' an identity of 'her own' through your lens.... I cannot Thank you enough for the patience that you had with Myra throughout the shoot. I will forever be grateful for the happiness that i will ALWAYS feel when i look at these pics in the years to come. Kunal and everyone else at home simply LOVED and were AMAZED by each pic.Thank you for the happiness that you have given me and the entire family via these pictures. Your lovely words brought tears to my eyes because they depict how well you have understood my relationship with Myra and that is clearly portrayed in the pics as well. Its rare to find people who work from the heart and it was a complete pleasure for me to have got Myra's photoshoot done from you. Thank you.
Dipanjana Datta
Dipanjana Datta says
I met Saurabh Rungta when I enrolled Oishika for Kriya. Soon enough I was browsing through his photo shoots and what struck me was how simple and candid it was. There was no repetition of images, and no shots that were like universal for all families and babies. Amazingly he always managed to capture spontaneous personal moments in each of his shoots. But even if I was totally floored by his creative and candid photography my next concern was, I have three kids. Would he be able to handle them. What I realized in a month as Oishika was attending Kriya was that Saurabh is totally a baby charmer. All my kids adored him and I was sure that he was the person who should be behind the lens shooting my daughters. And, yes, the shoot with four girls though was crazy but was fun and was perfectly well done. Kudos to Saurabh for being able to make all of us look beautiful and a huge "Thank you" for freezing my beautiful moments. I cannot express in words how I feel when I see these images. You made me a memory i can look and cherish all my life.
Bharti Bothra
Bharti Bothra says
Thank you so much Saurabh Rungta for making my day. Thoroughly enjoyed myself at the shoot and the final product has left me smiling. Adi and I look forward to working with you and your team next month.
Urvi & Priyanka Todi
Urvi & Priyanka Todi say
Beautiful done superbly captured every emotions.. I cry every time I see it.. Thanks a ton for putting it up so amazingly !!

Incredible work Saurabh Rungta.. loved every bit of the trailer with wow moments.thanks for making it look so grand.
Alpa Agarwal
Alpa Agarwal says
Thank you Saurabh Rungta for the beautiful words and more importantly, the beautiful pictures. Your pictures echo the love, laughter, emotion and bond so perfectly!

You've given me treasurable memories of their first birthday celebration as Siblings, their first official photoshoot and some precious pictures where their love for each other is reflected through their contagious smiles.

Thank you again for the lovely "first" memories which will remain & grow with us, and make us smile; and you'll be the reason for it.
Priyanka Agarwal
Priyanka Agarwal says
When I thought of getting a candid shoot for Viyann I didn't know whom to go to n what to do..n then I came across some beautiful pictures clicked by @Saurabh Rungta I went to him and asked him I can't click pics of my son on phone cos he moves away b4 I click can u manage to click him..he said don't worry. When I went to kriya camp n saw him with kids I thought there would be no1 better than him to do a candid shoot for my son..I love everything about d experience u made us have fun and enjoy and in d meanwhile u clicked..u have given me the most valuable moments of my family freezed at d perfect time...Thank u is an understatement but thanks for making viyann's bday as perfect as I had imagined!!!!
Vivek Keyal
Vivek Keyal says
Very beautifully put Saurabh ! I'm truly not the loud exclamation types so I can totally relate to everything . . Hope my wife relates to it as well ! Thanks for making us look so beautiful and making the day a memorable 1 !!
Ayush Changoiwalla
Ayush Changoiwalla says
When one loves what he is doing, it reflects in his output. The pics you have uploaded thus far show exactly how much you love photography. Its been such a pleasure to get to know you and to see you at work and to see your pics. I am slightly lost for words to convey my gratitude to you and your team for all that you guys did... Sincere thanks to you Saurabh Rungta Photography for capturing the most important week of my life in the manner you did.. Just looking at the pics all the memories come rushing back. there are a few pics which I dont remember getting clicked or wherein I wasnt aware that you were clicking away and I guess those candid moments add more magic to the album.