Bride To Be

In all my experiences of shooting weddings I have seen some of the most crazy and heartwarming moments take place BEFORE the wedding ceremonies begin. For the bride, the MAKE-UP professional suddenly becomes ‘THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN HER LIFE FOR THAT MOMENT’, almost as if the proceedings of the entire day’s events rest solely on him/her !

With her phone ringing constantly, chaos begins when some miniscule yet important part of her wedding attire is missing. Mixed opinions coming from those in the room on how her hair should be styled or how the wedding outfit should be draped, the scene before the bride’s grand entry is nothing short of utter pandemonium and nerves running high.

As a wedding photographer I have the most challenging role of ensuring that the bride maintains her calmness amongst the madness. I cannot stress enough on how important it is to be ‘chilled out’ on your wedding day, because if you’re not, it’s going to show in the pictures. Its extremely important to have fun amidst all the anxiety .

This is the time before the wedding that a bride has dreamt about ever since she was a little girl. She’s wearing THE most beautiful jewellery and outfit that she has so painstakingly chosen for herself. As I prepare to take her pictures before her ‘Grand Entrance’, the excitement built up over the years is visible through her eyes and her beauty strangely lies in her stillness .

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot some of the most beautiful brides and I thought I’d share some of my favourite moments from these Bridal Boudoir photoshoots with you ! Hope you enjoy these images as much I enjoyed making them.














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